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Kurume Kasuri Tie - Kumo Gasuri Karashi brown 雲絣 - "Kimono Tie"

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The "Kimono Tie" is made with the traditional "Kurume Kasuri" fabric. Each tie line is made by choosing fabrics and models suitable for a work context, with a soft casual atmosphere. They are handmade individually in the sewing workshop, in the heart of the Kurume Kasuri production area.

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Product name: tie
Quality indication: 100% cotton (Kurume Kasuri) / on the back (back with slightly shiny fabric) 100% cupra
Dimensions: (Regular tie) large sword width approximately 8.5cm / small sword width approximately 5cm (Narrow tie) large sword width approximately 7.5cm / small sword width approximately 4.5cm

ギフトラッピング対応 - Kimonissimo 久留米絣をもっと身近に イタリア人社長がつくる久留米絣ネクタイ・マスク・ストール・ハンカチ

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Kimonissimo 久留米絣をもっと身近に マスクで気になる自分の口臭対策 抗菌消臭久留米絣マスク



Kimonissimo 久留米絣をもっと身近に イタリア人社長がつくる久留米絣ネクタイ・マスク・ストール・ハンカチ


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