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Kurume Kasuri "Kimono Mask" - Katsuo Jima blue stripes かつお縞 - Kimonissimo

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This mask is made of the traditional Japanese "Kurume Kasuri" cotton Kimono fabric on the outside, and of an innovative "Non Shu ®" antibacterial deodorant cotton on the inside. Ties with coordinated designs are also available on the website. 

Non Shu" antibacterial deodorant cotton on the inside 
"Non Shu ®" is a cotton fabric 100% produced in the city of Hirokawa, in the Fukuoka prefecture, the heart of Kurume Kasuri's production. This particular fabric is noted for its antibacterial and deodorant effects. 

Product detail
Product name: cotton mask 
Material: 100% cotton mask, ear loop: 92% nylon 8% polyurethane 
Sales unit: 1 piece 
Size: one size (for adults)




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